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Designed to engage high-intent audiences
and inspire action with your brand


An omnichannel platform built to help your business thrive

Unlimited Exposure

Enjoy direct business and unlimited omnichannel leads.  We build meaningful interactions, not fleeting moments at baggage claim or intrusive pre-rolls.

Offline to Online

From the tactile experience of our printed magazines to dynamic interactions across digital platforms, we create activations through lived, shareable moments that deepen desire.

Get Scheduled

Through an interactive itinerary builder, we deliver curated, localized content for users to build out their own personalized journeys to lead them on a path to purchase.

You Have a Voice

Interact with a highly qualified audience through our integrated social platform, allowing content posting in real time on your own dedicated brand channel.

We partner with forward-thinking hotels

that are moving the guest experience needle


Did you know?

90% of experience bookings happen in-destination in 2021¹—up from 48% pre-Covid.²

(¹per Internal Google Data, Q1 2021; Things to do Ads) (²Google/Greenberg, Global, Travel Tours and Activities Survey and BehavioralStudy, Dec. 2018)

Why omnichannel marketing?

Modern consumers are no longer following a single-channel path to purchase. A recent study of a major U.S. retailer’s customers found that 73 percent followed an omnichannel purchase journey, compared with just 7 percent who were purely digital. What’s more, the fluidity between channels is increasing, allowing brands to shape consumer experiences and ultimately build a competitive advantage founded on omnichannel customer intelligence. (Source: AdAge/Neustar)

What it means...

Consumers want flexibility in planning mediums and when they choose to book, whether it’s advance or last-minute. A tourism business needs multiple sources of bookings to thrive and remain sustainable, while providing options that allow for both planning and spontaneity. For that, you need an omnichannel strategy to reach consumers, whether they are searching mobile on-the-go, or reading a bespoke travel guide by the pool.  We developed Savvy360 to do just that.

Curated Travel + Lifestyle

The Savvy360 platform features a comprehensive, bespoke travel and lifestyle magazine showcasing the best that a destination has to offer for the savviest of travelers.  Still an important in-market tool for travelers, Savvy360 provides readers with a smart, modern, tactile experience that perfectly and seamlessly complements the interactive digital platform.

Savvy Social

Through our native social platform, users can interact with live posts and messaging from brand partners, creating more personalized experiences in real time to enhance travel planning decisions.

Interactive Apps

A cutting-edge digital experience designed for web and native devices, with interactive features such as itinerary building, direct messaging, geo-based search and targeting, and more.

Direct Connections

Savvy360 provides a comprehensive omnichannel experience for the savviest of travelers, seamlessly connecting them with our preferred partners to maximize their experience and for our partners to grow their business.

Travel + Lifestyle Magazine

An omnipresent magazine with curated content for smart travelers to gain access to destination insight and experiences that provide a new perspective through rich content, vivid images, and the impact of tactile stimuli that only print can deliver.

What’s Inside

Immersive Content

By virtue of well-curated content, we allow users to discover singularly local experiences that deliver a strong sense of place within our destinations. By crafting cutting-edge, transformative journeys for travelers and influencing decision-making, we facilitate access to experiences and moments that only the savviest consumers enjoy.

  • People + Culture
  • Sport + Adventure
  • Destinations + Sights
  • Food + Drink
  • Shopping + Style
  • Resorts + Accommodations
  • Maps

We designed Savvy360 around a comprehensive, always available, omnichannel experience. Print offers the ability to deliver rich, vivid images along with tactile stimuli, involving more emotional processing and sensory appeal, which is important for memory and brand associations. Digital offers its own huge advantages, including instantaneous access, localization, powerful personalization and targeting, direct messaging, video, AI, VR, and more.

Why Digital + Print?

Own Your Experiences

Savvy360  is designed to enable the savviest of travelers to take charge of their experiences and immerse themselves in the destination.  Our omnichannel platform is there to facilitate that journey in a bespoke way.

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